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Wild Rivers Connect – working together

Hard work by the Travel Oregon group is helping bring people to the south coast to share in our beautiful area that we live and work in.

And it was the hard work and collaboration of communities working together as Wild Rivers Connect that made a big difference in creating a new economy on the south coast.

“Travel Oregon, in collaboration with Write to Know Consulting and Maser Films, checked in with some of the community members of Oregon’s Wild Rivers Coast area to see how their region is working together to stimulate the local economy through culinary and agritourism, outdoor recreation and developing strong local networks.” View the video.

It’s a model for Coos County communities to match. Aside from Bandon, which is part of the Wild Rivers Connect network, what are other communities in Coos County doing to work together to create a new economy? If you know of some efforts, please submit a story or email us. We want to share the good news with our residents.

To learn more about Wild Rivers Connect, visit their website.

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