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Coos County Housing Study – Read the Report

Update May 18, 2018

From Marcia M. Hart, Executive Director-United Way of Southwestern Oregon


Thanks to czbLLC and many Coos County community members and agencies, we are ready to release this Comprehensive Report. You are invited to open your mind as you absorb this information. This a community-wide issue and can only be addressed if everyone does their part to make things different. Thank you for caring and for working!

Coos County, OR Housing Analysis and Action Plan 2018 is ready for distribution! The I’s are dotted, the T’s crossed. The final product is in hand!

As you read this document, keep in mind, this is a suggested road map to un-sticking our “stalled” housing market. It is critical for our community to remain committed to moving forward in unison. Each community within the county may choose a different path to freeing up the housing market in their area. However, to be successful all efforts must be aligned and supporting the same overarching goal.

Now is the time for leaders from all sectors to roll up their sleeves  and  decide what problem(s) their community has the ability, desire and need to address first.

We must look  for ways  to identify and combine resources – financial, information, people-power — to add capacity and build a plan of action with key elements that will be visible and accessible to our community at large.

United Way of Southwestern Oregon stands ready to support and facilitate as our community works through the “Next Steps”. I encourage you to read this incredible document and start the conversation in your circles of influence. Commit to what you can do — GIVE. ADVOCATE. VOLUNTEER in our community.

The Coos Curry Housing Coalition’s next meeting is set for 11:00 am, Thursday, June 14, 2018 at the Housing Authority, 1700 Monroe St. North Bend, OR.  Everyone is welcome. This is an excellent forum for sharing ideas.

For more information about the Coos County Study, contact Marcia Hart at 

Find the entire document here:

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