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Calendar Guide - Viewing and searching events

 1. Viewing events

Our Calendar has two ways to view it: The Month View and the List View. This is the Month View:



To see a quick summary of the event, hover your mouse over any event displayed.  Click on the event title to go to the full post for more details.

You can also view events as a list by clicking on the word “List” in the “VIEW AS”   View-As  area in the top right-hand corner of the page. The Calendar will now look like this:





2. Event details

Click on an event title to get more details about it, as seen below.



3. Searching for an event


As you will observe in the screen capture above, there are three search bars at the top of the Calendar page:

  • Events From (Search by Month)
    Clicking on the search box will show you a yearly calendar. Click on a specific date and you will see events occurring from that day forward.
  • Search (Search by Text)
    Enter keywords to search for an event (for example, workshop).
  • Near (Search by Location)
    Enter a city, zip code, or specific location.

You can use more than one search bar at a time to find the events that you need.

Learn how to export an event to a Google calendar or other.


Learn how to add your group’s event to the NCC Calendar.