Homeless Summit – Strategies for Moving Forward

Homeless Summit – Moving Forward
Strategies/Objectives/Actions Identified by Summit Participants

  • Strategy 1:  Collaboration among Stakeholders, Community, and Homeless Population
    • Objective 1: Commit to inviting a partner to participate in every new project
    • Objective 2: Establish inter-agency liaisons
    • Objective 3: Have monthly collaborative meetings
      • Action:  Create regular networking opportunities
    • Objective 4: Each agency create a 1page info sheet about what they do/provide
    • Objective 5: Share successful projects – maybe they can be duplicated in other agencies
    • Objective 6: Invite participation from community members and the homeless population
      • Action:  Questionnaire to homeless people – what would really help?
    • Objective 7:  Identify and invite folks from housing/faith/government to partner


  • Strategy 2:  Education of Stakeholders, Community, and Homeless Population
    • Objective 1: Mental health commercial 1x month in collaboration with other partners
    • Objective 2: Joint training in trauma informed care and Navigator Training
    • Objective 3: Form outreach team to go out into homeless arena and educate re: services
    • Objective 4:  Active Education (PR) Coalition
      • Action: Meet at least 1x month
      • Action: Create an Action/Common Plan
        • Facts/Myth Busting etc.
    • Objective 5:  Form outreach team (Speakers’ Bureau) to speak at organizations, government etc.
      • Action:  Go for education and ‘buy-in’
      • Action:  Identify and illuminate policy changes that may need to be made


  • Strategy 3:  Increase Communication among Stakeholders, Community, and Homeless Population
    • Objective 1:  Establish liaison individuals who can work with all agencies and community orgs.
    • Objective 2:  Use CoosHub, Newsletter, ListServe and/or website
    • Objective 3:  Establish a Homeless publication where Homeless People can speak for themselves


  • Strategy 4:  Update and Revise Housing Plan for Coos County
    • Objective 1:  Do a housing study
      • Action Step 1: Form a Housing Study Task Force with wide representation
      • Action Step 2: Formulate a Request for Proposal
      • Action Step 3:  Set timeline
      • Action Step 4:  Send out/disperse RFP
    • Objective 2:  Review Coos County Plan with Curry Plan process (compare and contrast)
    • Objective 3:  Identify other models that work and steal liberally
    • Objective 4:  Build in implementation and follow up in new plan


  • Strategy 5:  Increase Shelter Capacity in Coos County
    • Objective 1: Identify and eliminate barriers to current bed availability
    • Objective 2:  Figure out how to establish beds for felons and sex offenders
    • Objective 3:  Research possibility of nomadic shelter at Churches
    • Objective 4:  Identify land that can be used for camping and/or tiny houses (legal)


  • Strategy 6: Remove barriers and increase access to shelter
    • Objective 1: Create/form outreach team to help people find more resources (interagency etc)
    • Objective 2: Establish a one-stop shop to resources
    • Objective 3:  Create Service Advocates/Navigators to work in community
    • Objective 4:  Place a Service Advocate/Navigator at each shelter with resource information
    • Objective 5:  Establish a “warm referral handoff”


  • Strategy 7: Identify and expand Service Directory using multiple media
    • Objective 1:  Identify resources (including unexpected ones) in the community
    • Objective 2:  Use 211 and Coos Hub
    • Objective 3:  Create small handout of resources for Home Health Nurses and Police Officers


  • Strategy 8:  Increase available housing pool in Coos County
    • Objective 1:  Property owner/management liaison to develop relationships
    • Objective 2:  Identify housing possibilities in county and follow up


Posted May 11, 2017

Download PDF     Homeless Summit Strategies 5-11-17

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