Youth Homeless Coalition – Minutes 6-6-17

Youth Homeless Coalition Meeting Minutes –¬†6/6/2017

Present: Lisa DeSalvio, Scott Cooper, Melinda Torres, Alan Brown

The discussion started with an explanation of prior work where CBSD and the ARK tried
working with DHS to find housing for students already in the system. The process ended up in a
stalemate with no decisions reached at the state level in providing housing.

ARK is currently waiting to see what happens with their current grant application. That
information should be available by Friday.

Scott brought up an option to be discussed by AYA at the upcoming board meeting this week
about the acquisition of a two bedroom house close to Marshfield High School. The group felt
like it would make an appropriate pilot project for our group to work on. By the end of the week
we will be able to consider moving forward developing a coalition of non-profits to oversee the
project housing four young people. If everything is set into motion by the end of the week there
will need to be a letter of agreement between the participating non-profits. There may also need
to be a work party to paint/prep the facility for move in as well as an outreach to the community
to furnish the building. Funding will need to found to pay the mortgage. The ARK will handle
case management possibly with another non-profit agency. Alan agreed to put a fundraising
plan together for the facility; Melinda agreed to work on grant writing to fund the facility in part.
Other facility discussions in outlying areas have been placed on hold as Tara Johnson with the
Devereux Center continues her conversations on the matter.

One point the possibility of a Youth Homeless Housing Facility brought up was the need for a
needs assessment survey of some nature. Lisa and Melinda agreed to look at the Cans
Assessment model to develop our own form that young people going through the ARK can fill
out to give us some base data to use on the project.

Inter Group communication within the Moving Forward model is critical due to the broad nature
of what our group does that may also come up in other groups. Lisa and Scott meet with many
of the other group leaders and will insure our project information is communicated to the
appropriate parties.

The next group meeting will be set up by email once some of the bench marks for going forward
in this meeting./p>

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