Welcome to YOUR community website!

The Coos Community Hub is designed to showcase the good works of grass root groups and nonprofit organizations in Coos County, Oregon.

As an archive of information on local causes and organizations, this site highlights specific causes, groups, projects, people, events, and needs.

The Community Hub houses a Library, containing researched information on topics of interest to groups working on causes such as homelessness, heroin addiction, recycling, etc. The Library also features tips to help nonprofits manage their programs. Shared knowledge is critical for making the best decisions and avoiding reinventing the wheel. Our online Library is also a way to establish our Learning Community.

The volume, richness, and usefulness of this information is dependent on your submissions to the site. The more information you share here, the more the community is informed about your good work. You can do this by…

  • Adding your events to the Calendar (Contact us to register first and then you can use the Add Your Event link). Please note, due to limited capacity and our focus on social services, we do not allow posting of cultural events such as dances, concerts, festivals, art shows, etc. Nor do we allow advertising or promotion of products and services. We will be happy to promote your nonprofit organization or group through our News blog and Projects portfolio.
  • Submitting your story to the News blog (email us with the information)
  • Send us a description of your Project (email it and we will post it for you)
  • Contribute to the Library (by emailing us your meeting notes, research findings on specific issues, tips on nonprofit management, articles on community issues, etc.).  
  • Let the community know your needs – if you need volunteers, employees, Board members, materials and supplies, space, etc. use the Submission Form under the Needs menu or send us an email and we’ll post it for you. Use the same method if you have something to share with other groups.
  • If you would like to share your organization’s newsletter, email it to us (in PDF format with a max size of 2MB) and we will post it to the Newsletter Archive for viewers to download and read offline.
  • Or send your press release out to local media sources with our easy one-click submission (use the Submit Your Press Release form link under the News menu.)

We look forward to learning more about your good works and sharing them with our community.


CJ O’Connor, PhD
Managing Editor and Webmaster