Restorative Justice for Youth

Restorative Justice is a community response to crime that focuses on addressing the harms done to victims and communities by holding offenders meaningfully accountable for their crimes. The goal of Restorative Justice is the creation of safe, healthy communities.


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Accountability – young offenders taking personal responsibility to make amends and repair harms done.

Integration – building positive relationships between offenders and other community members often while providing meaningful community service.

Change – assisting young offenders to see themselves as people able to take responsibility for their lives and as valuable, contributing members of the community.

Healing – victim has an opportunity to actively participate in the process of addressing the harm. The victim has a voice and their needs are seen as important and valued.

This develops a community culture where young offenders are accepted as individuals capable of taking constructive steps toward responsibility and making a positive contribution to the community.

The community comes to see itself as capable to create a safe, healthy environment for everyone to live and thrive.

Supported by: Law Enforcement agencies, Coos County Juvenile Department, Neighbor to Neighbor and the New Community Coalition.

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Tribal Courts

Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians
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